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App Name Red WhatsApp
App Version V29
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category Red WhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7988)

Red WhatsApp has probably become an integral part of many people's lives because it is available on all kinds of smartphones and because people can easily access the internet together by SMS or MMS. There are different versions of the messaging app.

In this regard, Red WhatsApp is one of the best unparalleled messaging applications, and through it you can dispense with the original WhatsApp application and any other version.

Red WhatsApp Download apk

A new version of the modified versions of WhatsApp has been created. This version is called Red WhatsApp because it contains many of the details found in Telegram.

One of these features is that you can call. Red WhatsApp For several different phone numbers at once, and in this version you can enter the numbers and move between them as in Telegram Messenger, we can change the appearance or shape or hide the last seen or keep it fixed or disable the blue ticks or customize different parts of the program and other features offered by the program if you Interested, follow us.

If you are one of the people who are familiar with messaging and chatting programs, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the famous messenger and the familiar name WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular messengers available for Android devices, iPhones and other operating systems for mobile phones, computers, etc., which has attracted millions of users from all over the world. world, this free-to-use messenger allows you to easily chat with your contacts and get the best hands-on experience without spending any financial expenditure.

It is better to know that this version contains no less than the official version, but gives users more settings in the modified version of Red WhatsApp, additional advantages that are not found in the official program of the original WhatsApp application, in addition to the awesome ability that allows the user to customize the user’s convenience.

as you can. To easily change colors, fonts, display sizes and other elements as you wish, instead of, for example, in WhatsAppRed, the download size of the media file has increased, and currently it reaches 2GB in the last update instead of 50MB in the stock version in this version And you can send large files, and it has different types and other features that distinguish the program from the official version.

Red WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that greatly expands the capabilities of the user and offers many tools that are not part of the original WhatsApp Green program. Unique tools can only be found after installing the release.

New registration instructions appear immediately afterward. Installation In addition, the version of Red WhatsApp is completely stable, but many errors may appear from time to time, and there are many modifications developed by the developer of Red WhatsApp. We recommend that you review it, as it is one of the most popular and widely used versions.

Brief profile of Red WhatsApp

Red WhatsApp is modified from the original WhatsApp. It was modified by the developer, which in turn added many great features and characteristics such as increasing privacy control through non-existent options.
The original green WhatsApp is used and needed by many users, but instead others dispensed with the official WhatsApp program and moved to use Red WhatsApp. For the purpose of these features, there are currently more than a hundred programs modified by WhatsApp

Each version is different from the other in terms of add-ons, Red WhatsApp has a wide reputation. More than 7 billion downloads, which made it the first application to use and the first among social networking programs and instant messaging, but it does not place restrictions on you in many functions and also gives you all the powers in the program and does not restrict you with limited powers and allows you to modify the appearance according to your taste and from this standpoint Modified WhatsApp apps have appeared.

Red WhatsApp has a counter for unread messages, through which you will be able to see how many messages you have not opened, and the ability to control and customize to a very large extent. Not only the icon, font and colors, but you can also change the message indicators such as read and receive notifications and others.

There are many tags that you can choose from 14 different tags. You can also install ready-made zip files. You can make use of the download options settings, you can disable the automatic download of media such as photos, videos, audio and voice messages, or you can set the option to download automatically over Wi - only data or stop permanently depending on what you want, you can also see who is online and who is on WhatsApp at that moment if You are using Red WhatsApp, the latest anti-ban version

The image of the avatar in the main interface, which indicates that the person is connected to the Internet, unlike the official WhatsApp. In addition, through the Red WhatsApp add-ons option, you can activate the notification feature when someone calls, and the best thing is that these features, features, and options can only be applied to a specific contact, or you can set them for each contact. And unlike the original green WhatsApp

Red WhatsApp allows you to increase the number of Astory characters to more than seven hundred characters, and also regarding the Astory feature like Instagram that stays for 24 hours, you can Red WhatsApp latest version to download your WhatsApp contacts Astory. To phone gallery if media like photos and videos.

As for the stories that are in the form of texts, you can make copies of them, and the process of downloading and copying the stories can be done when you open all the stories and then click on the options that come at the top of the story. . Three dots above the others, and you'll find download media or copy text.

The most important privacy features that Red WhatsApp contains:

You can enjoy a range of newly added extensions and options for greater privacy, such as:

🔰 Hide last seen with the ability to see the last seen of your contacts.

🔰 Hide reading and receiving messages.

🔰 Watch sent media at once an unlimited number of times.

🔰 Forward messages without showing that they are converted.

🔰 Possibility to decide who can contact me.

🔰 You can prevent the deletion of the story.

🔰 It is forbidden to delete messages by both the recipient and the sender.

🔰 The ability to show the blue mark after answering.

🔰 The ability to hide the status of writing and recording in the chat.

🔰Lock the app without third party software and different types of coding.

How to download and install Red WhatsApp latest version

Unfortunately, you cannot upload and download the Red WhatsApp😍 -apk application from the Android Google Play Store, if you remember in the above lines, we talked about that Red WhatsApp is a modified version of the original green WhatsApp, and not only all but all modified WhatsApp versions, and the Facebook company that owns WhatsApp does not authorize the modification Its program, and since you are the developers of WhatsApp versions. They are not allowed to modify, and also the terms of application stores are not compatible with developers and do not allow the download of developed or modified applications that do not allow the owner company to modify its software and install WhatsApp.

You have to download Red WhatsApp🤩 via the apk file from the developer's official website at the bottom of the article, or you can choose to download the latest Red WhatsApp version with a direct link from our site without ads and install it in the normal way.

What does Red WhatsApp offer?

The features of Red WhatsApp are very numerous and most of them are not present in the original version of the official WhatsApp. Next, let's talk briefly about the most important features and services of Red WhatsApp

Add new features to admin privileges in groups

We also talked about that Red WhatsApp 🤩gives you great powers, much more than the official WhatsApp, to control each of the functions of WhatsApp, here we want to talk about groups and what you can get in Red WhatsApp. latest version

If you are an administrator in a group, you can remove and block whoever you want from the group, in addition to that you can prevent members from sending messages in it and make the matter limited to moderators only, as well as in Red WhatsApp you can prevent members from changing the name and background image of the group and even if you allow the members in The group by sending messages in it and they want to respond to any message sent by any member.

You can reply to it privately in the conversation between the two of you, in addition to the ability to prevent members from sending messages, stop sending and make it limited to moderators only, in addition to the new function that allows the moderator to remove any message from the members' messages, which gives the administrator more control and control capabilities if receiving Immoral messages or violations of group rules.

Periodically update clips and add new stickers

The stickers in the WhatsApp stickers are one of the developments in the recent updates of the program, but the problem with them is that the stickers are limited, and if you want to add new stickers to your group through WhatsApp, but the stickers are very limited.

But if you use Red WhatsApp, you will get a wide range of unlimited stickers, in addition to that, you have the ability to edit, delete, add, and also create stickers on your own.

If you want to make an effort to design your stickers and want to add new collections, you can download the Red WhatsApp🤩 private sticker programs through the Google Play Store and add them to the application.

Red WhatsApp allows users to freely customize and modify the program

A lot of what distinguishes the version of Red WhatsApp🥰 from others, and despite the many advanced settings in Red WhatsApp, the size of the program is not large in addition to that it does not cause delays and slowdowns in the device, and the program is light in navigation and use, for example in updating Red WhatsApp against the ban, you can change the appearance of the WhatsApp program For example, such as changing the background in chatting, as well as font quality, font colors in messages, and interface colors, unlike the original WhatsApp Green, which does not give you the maximum of these powers. What is also beautiful about WhatsApp Red is that it is compatible with all versions of Android operating systems, even weak and old devices.

The ability to send files and attachments via Red WhatsApp apk

Thanks to Red WhatsApp🤗, you can do without email messaging services, not only in sending messages, but also in sending files of any kind, media, photos and videos, as the Red WhatsApp application can send any file through it. For everyone who owns WhatsApp with ease and simplicity, and the WhatsApp application allows you to send photos, videos and multimedia clips in original high-resolution quality to them without reducing their size or even reducing the resolution, which is not found in the application. to the original green WhatsApp.

The ability to hide the application from the list of applications on the phone without programs

One of the beautiful features when downloading the Red WhatsApp program, the latest update, is that you can hide the application from intruders and curious people by changing the application icon, as there are many icons inside it, more than 40 models that you can use and choose, and thus Red WhatsApp🤗 will become unknown and invisible to others, especially if you have many of the apps on your phone. In addition, you can also change the shape of notification icons for messages in WhatsApp.

And there are more features of all this to make your private life and privacy out of the hands of others, and you can use it with the modern message archiving system in Red WhatsApp, where you can change the location of the section of archived messages at the bottom or top, the archive system is much better and stronger compared to the original Green WhatsApp, where When you receive a message from an archived conversation, it won't show up. You will not see the message notification, and it will still be available in the archive.

Change the WhatsApp Red Download name in the app on the home screen

Red WhatsApp apk latest version contains the option to change the display of your name or number instead of the logo of the word WhatsApp and this is one of the capabilities of Red WhatsApp that is given to you as 'the user'.

Everyone knows that Red WhatsApp, the latest update against the ban, allows messages to arrive even if they are not in the program, and when they arrive, they are safe. That the sender will know that you have received the messages even if you do not reply to them because of the double check mark that appears in the chat at the bottom of the message immediately after receiving the message, but through the option to hide. Cutting off the Internet in Red WhatsApp🤩 enables you to enjoy a lot of privacy and convenience in using the application

Text and talk to someone abroad for free

You can use Red WhatsApp🥰 to communicate with anyone in the world through text instead of using the SMS service, which often costs you a lot of credit, especially if you send similar international text messages to.

Red WhatsApp. You will write to anyone anywhere in the world for free without any cost. In addition, you can send photos, videos, audio messages, and files to Red WhatsApp. All you need is an Android phone, Red WhatsApp, the new update, and a wifi internet connection, or even a package like 3G or 4G.

Pin an unlimited number of chats in the main chat section

If you have conversations in Red WhatsApp😍 that are important and you use them often or almost every day and want to access them, I recommend you to use the feature and Pin conversations in Red WhatsApp, because the latter allows you to pin up. To 50 conversations in the chat list for quick access, and even if you receive a new message from any number in WhatsApp that is not pinned, it will not replace the pinned conversations at the top of the chat. This feature is also available in WhatsApp, but the program does not allow you to pin more than five conversations only.

Other fixes and improvements, latest update to Red WhatsApp

You can say that the new update for the Red WhatsApp🤩 application is very advanced and contains new and advanced additions, some of which came as suggestions from users, including others that the developer added with fixes in its latest version, corrections for problems presented by its users, and we are trying to improve the speed of sending and receiving messages and solving the problem of this message takes a long time It seems that the developer also added the old emojis which in the first versions with the new versions reach many different emojis and also the version of Red WhatsApp will be smaller compared to the previous version.

What is the difference between the official green WhatsApp application available on Google Play and the Red WhatsApp application?

🔰 Download WhatsApp with the greatest privacy, the latest version and update of Red WhatsApp:

🔅 You can regulate the complete privacy of the WhatsApp application by downloading the Red WhatsApp🤩 application, through which you can freeze your last presence on WhatsApp, and this is a unique aspect of the Red WhatsApp updates.

🔅You can also hide the message received and the blue tick that you have read the message.

🔅 Regarding your presentation of the story and the wonderful additions to the section, and the feature that made the user want to download the story of friends.

🔅 The provocative feature for users of the official green WhatsApp, which is the feature of not preventing messages from being deleted from your phone if the sender does not want you to read the message.

🔰Improved Red WhatsApp download security:

The Red WhatsApp 🤩update is considered one of the security applications for WhatsApp because it contains additional features that increase confidence and demand for it.

🔅 This special security features the ability to completely lock WhatsApp by setting a password for WhatsApp.
🔅Red WhatsApp download faster than previously allowed technology, so a version has been developed.
🔅 A large number of sites appear, as well as how to update Red WhatsApp.

🔰 The latest version of Red WhatsApp

Download Red WhatsApp latest apk file update, WhatsApp; They are alternative versions of the traditional WhatsApp application.

🔰 Download WhatsApp for the Holy Quran and Islamic supplications:

In a great step, the developers put the entire Qur'an in an organized and detailed manner. Update Red WhatsApp, as is the case in the Holy Qur’an with regard to the surahs of the Holy Qur’an and the arrangement of parts, and there are more additions to Red WhatsApp

🔰 Dark Night Mode for Red WhatsApp:

Recently added feature to download Red WhatsApp through the main user interface of the WhatsApp application that you can activate with a click of a button.
You can dim colors in Red WhatsApp with this option. More comfortable to use and protect your eyes from dull bright colors that are harmful
🔰Turn on Airplane Mode on Red WhatsApp:

This feature prevents the use of the Internet to download Red WhatsApp, allowing you to use the Internet in all other social networking applications or browsers, but preventing the sending or receiving of WhatsApp messages.

🔰More Red WhatsApp Themes:

These can be the most important aspects that favor colors and changes in Red WhatsApp
You can change the design of WhatsApp every day by using WhatsApp themes. This gives it a new and different look.

🔰 Red WhatsApp statuses extension

The duration of the statuses stands out in Red WhatsApp.
Download the Red WhatsApp application to divide the Astury into parts of 30 seconds each.

🔰Red WhatsApp for more written statuses:

Including more than 300 different text Astoori, including love, spinning, despair and joy, to convey what is inside you.
What distinguishes Red WhatsApp in this direct download below the story.

🔰 Instant translation from WhatsApp chats:

When downloading Red WhatsApp, there is a very important feature that benefits everyone and makes it easier for them to talk to the world; In any language and understand what they are sending you at the click of a button.
It is the instant translation of Red WhatsApp conversations (note: for this feature to work, you may need to install the Google Translate app.

🔰 Stop receiving calls when downloading Red WhatsApp:

A lot of people use this extension to stop all annoying incoming calls through the app.

🔰Change the shape of the Red WhatsApp icon:

You know that the original WhatsApp has only one icon and that is the classic, boring green color.
Red WhatsApp has the ability to change the shape and color of the icon, so you will never get tired of the same icon that you always see.
And that there are a variety of icons available, including those with different logos.

Download Red WhatsApp, with a variety of shapes and icons representing the modern icon.

🔰 VPN Red WhatsApp:

Everyone is familiar with the VPN application, well-known, its feature is to change the IP of the device you are using to another IP; That is, change the country in which you are using the Internet to another.
The best part is that you can use VPN in the latest version of Red WhatsApp.
The feature that surprised many is that it is easy for users to unblock WhatsApp; In some countries, you can communicate and talk with ease and comfort via the Red WhatsApp application.

🔰Explosive text in Red WhatsApp download:

This addition is very attractive and practical. With the touch of a button on the bomb icon on the conversation page you can write a specific message and specify the number of times you want it to be repeated.

🔰Schedule messages in WhatsApp Download Red WhatsApp:

Have you heard that WhatsApp automatically sends scheduled messages?
Yes, there is a scheduled message option in Red WhatsApp; It allows you to send a message that you write in advance and then plan to send at a specific time and to the person you want to reach.

🔰 Show message without reading more:

Red WhatsApp: No doubt I read a long message and found this one below. Continue reading to find out more.
Many users are angry about this on Whatsapp, it was added.
A feature that allows you to cancel and read the entire long message without typing (see below).

🔰 The feature of replying to the message automatically:

A feature that may seem strange when you hear that WhatsApp has an automatic reply feature in WhatsApp for users, but it has already become available in this beautiful and distinctive application, you can create a custom message, which will be sent to everyone. He sends you a message and you can reply to it in advance. As soon as a message arrives to your phone immediately.

🔰Send 100 images on Red WhatsApp:

You may understand that in the official WhatsApp, you can only send up to 5 images at a time, but by downloading Red WhatsApp, you can send up to 100 images at once This makes it easy for you to repeat the image submission process each time.

🔰 Use WhatsApp to send HD images.

The unique feature of the application is the ability to provide images with extreme accuracy, measured by the dimensions and clarity of the original image, and unlike WhatsApp , one of the disadvantages of WhatsApp is that when you send a picture to someone; You lose more than two-thirds of the resolution and clarity of the original image.

🔰Send a message to a number that is not registered in Red WhatsApp:

In the official WhatsApp, you must first store a number in your phone history before sending a message to it, since WhatsApp has a feature to send a message to an unsaved number, you can directly send any number you want without saving a single number, all of which you have. What you need to do is type the person's country key, then the number, and type the letter. for this reason; Download Red WhatsApp

🔰Change Font Type in Red WhatsApp:

You can download and choose the type of font you want in Red WhatsApp to enjoy a beautiful personality and a pleasant reading experience by choosing the font that distinguishes and comforts you.

🔰Change the voice in the Red WhatsApp update:

The developer has just included a feature that allows you to change the default natural voice option while recording a voice for your friends to one of several; Includes (robot sound - child - teenager - deep - drunk funny).
To hear joy, enthusiasm and laughter in correspondence, choose any sound.

How to transfer and transfer conversations from the usual green WhatsApp to WhatsApp:

💠 First: Let's backup all your chats and discussions in Green WhatsApp by going to WhatsApp, then Chats, then Create Backup.

💠Second: Go to files and rename the WhatsApp folder to Red WhatsApp by going to files and searching.

💠 Third: There is a folder called Media in the WhatsApp file. Fill in the blanks, there are many files to choose from, change WhatsApp Voice Notes folder to Red WhatsApp, WhatsApp Video folder to Red WhatsApp Video.
Similarly, WhatsApp Stickers folder to Red WhatsApp🤗 Stickers, WhatsApp Profile Photos folder to Red WhatsApp Profile Photos, WhatsApp Images folder to Red WhatsApp Images, WhatsApp Documents folder to Red WhatsApp Documents, WhatsApp Audio folder to Red WhatsApp Audio. .

💠 Fourth: When you have completed all these steps, download Red WhatsApp after installation and enter your phone number, you will see a notification asking you to restore conversations; Click Yes Restore and all your chats will be restored, you can do these steps in Red WhatsApp🤩 switch WhatsApp.

🔰 Red WhatsApp Update Download features

🔅Red WhatsApp is completely safe and not affected by the ban.

🔅You can also cut your asturi to more than 30 seconds

🔅You can lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint, pattern or password.

🔅 You can also play all your voice chats at the same time.

🔅Since the initial release of Red WhatsApp, there have been privacy settings like hide read tag and hide received tag.It also prevents deletion of messages.

🔅 You can hide the fact that you have seen your friends' stories.

🔅 You also have the ability to hide the fact that messages have been sent.

You can also download videos of friends stories on Red WhatsApp

🔅Texts can also be copied.

🔅 You will enjoy more privacy.

🔅 You can also customize the people you reach in your contacts. That is, enter each person's discussions, click on their name, and then enter the information view.

🔅Inside Red WhatsApp, there is also a tool to hide chats.

🔅 There is also a tool that allows you to hide the fact that you are writing messages.

🔅 In WhatsApp, you can completely remove the application cleanup.

🔅 The font style and color have also been changed.

🔅 Instead of the term WhatsApp, you can write your name at the top.

🔅 All wallpapers and archived messages can also be changed.

🔅 You can hide conversations.

🔰 What's new in Red WhatsApp?

🔅 The whole Holy Quran is available on Red WhatsApp, and also includes reminders, hadiths, morning reminders, evening reminders, and the fortress of Muslims.

🔅You can also pin 30 conversations instead of 25.

🔅You can get Astoori using Red WhatsApp without having to install any additional software.

🔅 You can hide the statuses you've seen, the ones that aren't worth mentioning, and the new ones.

🔅 Also, Red WhatsApp includes options to display your name, status, and phone number instead of the word WhatsApp.

🔅You can also prevent friends from changing the name of the group, deleting it, or changing its background.

🔅Red WhatsApp supports many stickers.

🔅 It also has a lot of great features.

🔅 Supports the option to change the shape and color of the icon in WhatsApp, with more than 80 different skins to choose from.

🔅You can also adjust the shape of the notification icon.

🔅 When you download Red WhatsApp latest update, you will discover a large number of additional interesting features.

🔰 What are the benefits of downloading the red WhatsApp?

🔅 Apart from being anti-ban, the Red WhatsApp version is now more secure than the previous one.

🔅 From the date of publication, the life of the Red WhatsApp version has been extended to three months.

🔅 The ability to translate texts into a variety of languages has been restored.

🔅 Messages can be forwarded to an unlimited number of recipients.
Also, you can now add more than 1,000 conversations at once.

🔅 The problem of loading all syms files has been resolved.

🔅 Addressing the problem of delayed arrival of messages on some devices.

🔅 There are also a bunch of other fixes and improvements.

Download Red WhatsApp latest update

🌐 Download Red WhatsApp latest version
To be able to download the latest updated version of Red WhatsApp against the ban, you must scroll down the page to find the download link
You will be able to download Red WhatsApp easily and simply without difficulty because we are constantly trying to present what the user is interested in.

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